Tesol – teachers of English to speakers of other languages
There are many ways to get experience of foreign culture and environment. If you are interested in taking a daring leap to experience the ways of life of people in abroad, then working as an English teacher is an excellent way to pursue this rewarding and fulfilling path. The teaching abroad experience offers you many benefits. It makes you as stronger candidates and provides management and planning skills for future employment and opportunities.
by karan singh   Date Added: 2009-01-12

Why We Need To LEarn English Language!!!
• The majority of the electronically stored information around the world is in English.
by   Date Added: 2009-09-10

Careers Advice for Students
{My Talent Place}When people talk about having “an elephant in the room”, they’re talking about everyone in the room knowing there’s an issue but no – one talking about it. So, this big old elephant stands in the corner munching away on the canapés and sticking its trunk into the punch and everyone pretends it doesn’t exist!
by webmaster   Date Added: 2010-02-28

Is Homeschooling a Right Fit for Your Child?
Many of us who have school aged children see that for one reason or another, traditional public school education may not be a good fit for our student. Many parents are taking another look at homeschooling as an alternative way of education.
by Virginia Bell   Date Added: 2011-01-01

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Marine Military Academy 
MMA is a non-profit, all boys college preparatory school, encompassing grades 8-12. Our curriculum and philosophy are based on the traditions and ideals of the U.S. Marine Corps. - Details - Visit Link

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UNICOM Seminars 
UNICOM is a specialist provider of B2B products and services through commissioning of seminars, workshops, conferences and trainings (Prince2, ISEB, CMMI and others), especially Project Management, Software Testing, Business Information, Process Improvement. - Details - Visit Link
Used College Textbooks 
The site is a classifieds (craigslist-style) website for student to buy, sell used and new college textbooks.The site is a classifieds (craigslist-style) website for student to buy, sell used and new college textbooks. - Details - Visit Link
vishnu chintapally 
Vishnu Chintapally Educational Society is a non-profit organization based in India and Vishnu Chintapally Educational Society dedicated to the academic, economic and social empowerment of girls and women in this poor area of the country. - Details - Visit Link
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