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Simplify Anxiety Disorder Symptoms
People ridden with anxiety disorder feel on edge a lot of the time. Often times, people with anxiety disorder have troubled relationships with friends and family due to always feeling they have to be on guard against whatever bad may come to them. Other anxiety symptoms include tiredness, trembling, difficulty focusing on a task at hand, and difficulty falling and staying asleep. Many people with panic disorder also feel shortness of breath and often gasp for air. Would you like another scenario? What about the feeling like you`re drowning and sinking to the bottom. You look up and can see the top of the water, your arms are moving, but you just can`t get there fast enough. Once you do reach the top and gasp for air, everyone around is staring. People deal with this type of issue in malls, classrooms, and various other social settings. The cause of an anxiety disorder is attributed to many factors one example is genetics. Genetics is the passing of traits from parents to offspring. Genetics plays a large role in many disorders; anxiety disorders are at the top of that list. Another factor at the top of the list includes factors from the environment, such as abuse, death, and basic changes in life. These environmental factors cause change that can be difficult to handle. You probably already know that anxiety symptoms can destroy a person`s life. In order to counteract this, you have to handle your symptoms properly. You also have to understand that the symptoms will vary depending on your age. The best thing to do is talk it out. Whether it`s a family member, friend, or professional, it`s good to tell someone else. Then again you could just take a walk, meditate, or try to cut down on the stress. It is possible that you or the individual you know with panic attacks disorder ends up developing a different disorder. Whether it`s depression, panic disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, they should all be recognized. You have to handle panic disorder symptoms once way or another. If talking with someone else doesn`t work, or you don`t want to deal with others, we recommend a good self-help book. Doctors around the world have written several good books about dealing with anxiety disorder. However, the most important thing to do is take baby steps.
by Julie Stevenson   Date Added: 2010-02-01

Generic Prevacid, A super antacid for acidity
Heart burn is a type of a digestive problem that affects the areas adjacent to heart. It involves occurrence of acids in stomach while the food is processed.
by AYana Walter   Date Added: 2010-09-21

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